Metamaterial Design Engineer

Company Overview

3D Architech is a 3D printing technology company spun out from Caltech patented technology and incubated in deep-tech ecosystem in Greater Boston. 3D Architech revolutionizes metal manufacturing infrastructure with its scalable and micron-scale resolution metal 3D printing technology.

At 3D Architech, we do not only create physical products. By leveraging our platform 3D printing technology, we create an “Aha Moment” that revolutionizes 3D architected metal products in various industries: heatsinks for consumer electronics cooling and data center cooling, and water electrolysis components for hydrogen production. Bring your passion, creativity, and focus, and help us invent the future.

Job Summary: Simulation Engineer (Part-time)

3D Architech is an early-stage startup. We place immense weight on the ability to develop our product launch. In this position, you will directly work with and report to 3D Architech’s senior materials science engineer and co-founder (PhD in Materials Science). You will be exposed to a real, fast-paced startup environment.

In this internship, you will experience cutting-edge technology development and real-world problem solving at the same time.


  • Creating lattice structures to design high-performance and lightweight metamaterials
  • Performing finite element modeling (FEM)
  • Collaborating with materials engineers to enable very fine-featured metamaterial products

Location: This role is mainly for remote work.  

Desired Qualifications

This job role requires any of the following skills:

  • Proficiency in 3D CAD drawings by SolidWorks or Onshape
  • Deep understanding in designing lattice structure for metamaterials
  • Experience with finite element modeling software (e.g., SolidWorks, COMSOL)
  • MS/BS degree in mechanical engineering, materials science or relevant fields.

Preferred skills and experiences include:

  • High level of comfort with, & proven track record in, working under very tight deadlines.
  • Strong writing, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Good logical sense and critical thinker

Time Commitment

We are actively looking for part-time interns or contracts with > 10 hours. Hours are flexible and vary week by week, depending on your availability. The internship period can be renewed as mutually agreed.

Application Timeline

We are interviewing on a rolling basis. Please apply and send us your interest below.


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