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Our micron-scale control achieves unprecedented performance for heat dissipation and energy conversion devices.


Our cutting-edge manufacturing technology crafts heatsinks with unmatched micron-scale features using pure copper and alloys, ensuring superior cooling by significantly reducing thermal resistance and pressure drop. Benefit from dramatic cuts in electricity costs and a quieter cooling experience.

Beyond heatsinks, we're pioneering wicks for vapor chambers and two-phase cooling systems.

Choose our efficient, custom-designed solutions to revolutionize your thermal management.

50x Finer Feature Size

3D Architectech has a minimum feature size of 10 micrometers, significantly "finer" than the 500 micrometers of traditional heatsinks.

Next level cooling performance

Our advanced technology reduces both thermal resistance and pressure drop, managing the inherent trade-off between them at improved performance levels.

Water Electrolysis / Fuel Cells

Our innovative manufacturing technology redefines the design of gas diffusion layers and porous transport layers for fuel cells and water electrolysis. Achieving micron-scale precision, we develop porous metal architectures that ensure uniform flow and swift gas removal, significantly boosting the efficiency and performance of clean energy technologies.

Extending our innovation, we're leading the development of electrodes for batteries, catalysts, and other energy conversion applications.

Choose our precision-engineered, tailored solutions to revolutionize your energy technologies

Redefine the design of your energy technologies

We offer a revolutionary approach to controlling key parameters in energy technologies—mass transport and mechanics—ensuring optimal performance of your technologies.

Improve efficiency and performance

Our advanced micron-architected structures ensure uniform flow and rapid bubble removal, enhancing both efficiency and performance.