Metal 3D Printing

Our proprietary gel-based metal 3D printing technology unlocks ultimate device performance through micron-scale design control, all while ensuring scalability.

Micro-Design Control

Micro-design control in 3D printing allows for intricate details, high surface area, and precise customization, crucial for applications in thermal dissipation devices, energy technologies, and microelectronics.

Versatile Material Selection

Our 3D printing technology delivers a wide range of materials, including metals, alloys, and composites. This variety allows us to customize properties like strength, flexibility, and conductivity to specifically suit our customers' needs across different industries.

Scalable manufacturing and super fine features

Lower Equipment Cost

The technology is designed to be compatible with any light-based 3D printer, including $1000 3D printers.

Lower Material Cost

Incorporate the use of cost-effective materials to reduce overall expenses in the production process.

10x Smaller Feature Size

Our technology fabricates features as fine as 10 micrometers—significantly surpassing the capabilities of standard metal printers.